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We offer custom tuning in-house and e-tuning. We have a 2WD Dynocom dyno. AWD cars can be tuned as well if the AWD is able to be turned off. Cars that can't have AWD turned off can still be tuned, just not on the dyno. 

UpRev tunes are $400 for licensing + $400 for the tune itself on 93 Octane. Each additional fuel is $400. You get 5 maps: full power, economy, flames/pops, valet, and antitheft. 

Ecutek tunes are available for VR30 engines for $800 (single fuel). Contact us for pricing on different engines such as VR38, FA20, and SkyActiv. 

We also tune with: HPTuners, ECU Masters, Megasquirt, Link, Haltech, Motec, AEM, Holley, NepTune, Hondata, Crome, ECU Flash (including the Tephra ROM and Group N ROM), RomRaider, COBB Tuning, Fast XFI, Versatune Pro.

Dyno pulls are $100 per 3 runs. 

Dyno rentals are $100/hr, 2 hr minimum.